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+91 98421 51301Crack All Exams ™: ╭───────────────────╮      ️ Daily Current Affairs : 16-09-2021 ️ ╰───────────────────╯ 1. The first all-civilian crew of Elon Musk's company Space-X has left for space, what is the name of this mission? Ans : Inspiration 4 2. In the Continental Tour Gold Meet in Zagreb, Croatia, which sprinter has set a new world record by completing 2000 thousand meters race in 05:21:56, breaking the 4-year record of Ethiopia's Ganzebe Dibaba? Ans : 28 year Old Francine Nyonsaba from Burundi. 3. Indian-origin CEO Dhruv Barua's green submarine project has been awarded with which award? Ans : Clean Maritime Demonstration of the British Government. 4. Who has been appointed as the new High Commissioner of India to Maldives? Ans : Senior Diplomat Munu Mahawar 5. Who has been ranked first in the list of 100 Most Talented People by Time Magazine? Ans : US President Joe Biden 6. Today (16 September) is being celebrated as which day all over the world? Ans : World Ozone Day 7. Which former West Indies legend has announced his retirement from commentary? Ans : Michael Holding 8. How many new cases of corona have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours? Ans : 30,570 (431 Deaths) 9. Which team has won the 9th edition of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL)? Ans : St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots 10. The Central Government has released a package of how many crore rupees under the Production Link Incentive to promote the production of electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel vehicle production? Ans : 25938 Crore Rupees Power Full 500 General Knowledge 2021 For All Competitive Exams ✓ 52 #Power500 Que 511. At how many places will PM Modi lay the foundation stone of light house projects? Ans – 6 Que 512. How long has the deadline of FASTag been extended? Ans – 15 February 2021 Que 513. How far has the date of filing Income Tax Return been extended? Ans – 10 January 2021 Que 514. Who passed the bill to shut down state-run madrasas? Ans – Assam Legislative Assembly Que 515. When was the atomic bomb dropped on Japan during World War II? Ans – 6 August 1945 Que 516. Between which two places does the Himsagar Express run? Ans – Jammu and Kashmir Que 517. Which country is called "Land of the Rising Sun"? Ans – Japan Que 518. What is the name of the capital of Madhya Pradesh? Ans – Bhopal Que 519.Tokyo is the capital of which country? Ans – Japan Que 520. Which is the largest country in the world? Ans – Russia
E.M.G. Anti- Ragging
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ANTI-Ragging 2020.docx • 1 page
ATSQ WR Professors Forum
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Muthulakshmi Eng
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Aida VWS Vws
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[9/16, 11:31 AM] Sindhu S: Work done Discussed unit test paper answers. H.w. do the corrections for unit test paper [9/16, 11:33 AM] Duraiaida: 7 B Geography Absentees Srinesan, Jeyateja, Harshutha, Aradana, Jaiswathi, Yusuf, Meeramjid. Work done - Unit 4 notes given. HW- Revise unit 4. [9/16, 3:22 PM] Shanthi: வகுப்பு பாடம் கருத்து உணர்திறன் பயிற்சி அளிக்கப்பட்டது. வீட்டுப் பாடம் இயல் 4 படிக்கவும். [9/16, 3:23 PM] Shanthi: ATTENDENCE  7B  -15/22 Absentees Ilavarasi  Srineshan  Yusuf Srimasha  Lakshana  Pranaya Jaiswathi
Ranjini English
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Dr. V. Pushpalatha EMG Principal
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Ok mam
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E.M.G Faculty 2020
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GayathriOk ma'am
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Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation - Andreas Moritz.pdf • 543 pages
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Mani  Chemistry
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+91 87781 36931DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 1.Role of MSME in entrepreneurship development  Dr  (Mrs) K. Padmavathy Mrs  B.kalyani 2.A study on career achievement of innovative entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship society Dr Mrs M. Alagupriya 3.Women entrepreneurs in digital economy and the multitasking                                                                        Mrs S. Niveethitha 4.Entrepreneurship education through successful entreprenerial models in higher education institutions                                                                                       Mrs S. Durga Devi 5.Impact of education and training on performance of women entrepreneurs                                                                  Dr Mrs T. Karthiyayini 6.The role of entrepreneurship education in the entreprenerial process                                                                              Dr. Mrs G. Karthika 7.Approaches to incorporating IT entrepreneurship into the information system                                                                          Mrs M. Sharmiladevi                                                                                 Ms. A. Josephine 8.The impacts of micro financing on the performance of women entrepreneurs  Mrs G. Jyothi 9.Women Entrepreneurship in India: An insight into problems and development Dr Mrs M. Sriramajayam 10.GST-Its impact on women entrepreneurs in India                                                     Dr A. Bhuvaneswari 11.A Study on the effect of teaching entrepreneurship on computer education                                                                             Mrs. S. Chitradevi                                                                          Mrs A. Kavitha 12.Impact of higher education on rural women entrepreneurship                                                                    Dr.M.  Neelavathy 13.Social entrepreneurship in higher education challenges and opportunities                                                       Mrs. A. Sathyalekha 14.Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Qualities based on curriculum development and evaluation for higher education                                                                                                                       Mrs S. K. SUDHA                                          15.Millennium Entrepreneurs in future                           Mrs. P.L. Savithree 16.Emergence of Entrepreneurship in education development and challenges                Mrs V. Jeyapriya                Mrs D. Reena
87 & 88 - OP - 2019
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FDP_INVITATION_Economics_ANJAC.pdf • 2 pages
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Alagu Priya Commerce
3:00 pm
Dear all,             Warm Greetings from Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College (Autonomous), Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. We invite you to IQAC & Department of Commerce (UG) Jointly Organizing Three-Day Online Faculty Development Program. Title : E -FILING OF TAX RETURNS Date : 20th September to 22nd September 2021 Registration Link: Last Date to Register: 19th September 2021, 10:00 PM *No Registration Fee. For queries, Contact or WhatsApp@ Mr. M. Satheeshkumar -9047540289 Organizing Secretary. Thanks & Regards FDP Organizing Committee
Heads EMG
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  Dr.G.Indira Rani
Wrksp on DVV |Dr. A.S.Rao
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Padma Commerce
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