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Formation of IQAC after NAAC accreditation, initiated regular academic and administrative checkup in the institution leading to quality sustenance. Internal academic auditing committee verifies the teaching plan, time table, mark register and students cumulative record of all departments.
Chair person
S.No Name Designation
1. Dr. (Mrs.) R.Poovazhaki Principal
Co - coordinators
S.No Name Designation
1. Dr.(Mrs.)V.Vijaya Asst.Prof. of Botany
2. Mr.S.Muthulaxmi Asst. Prof. of English
External Members
S.No Name Designation
1. Dr.S.Raja Head & Associate Professor of Commerce
IQAC & NAAC Co-ordinator
Vivekanandha College, Thiruvedagam
2. Dr.(Mrs.) E.Helena Asso..Prof. of Mathematics
Fatima College,
Circle Heads
S.No Name Designation
1. Mrs. R. Boomadevi Head & Assistant Professor of IT
2. Mrs.G.Nagalakshmi Asst. Prof. of History
3. Dr.(Mrs.)T.Sathiya Sheila Head & Assistant Professor of BBA
4. Dr.(Mrs). Y.Fathima Assistant Professor of Commerce
5. Dr. .(Mrs).T.Hema Head & Assistant Professor of History
6. Dr.S.P.Sugapriya Assistant Professor of Economics
7. Dr.(Mrs.)N.Asha Devi Assistant Professor of History
8. Mrs.B.Kalyani Assistant Professor of Political Science
Management Representative
S.No Name Designation
1. Dr.(Mrs). V.Pushpalatha Asso. Prof. of Commerce Director of S.F. Courses
2. Mr.M.Sundararajan Administrative officer
Administrative Staff
S.No Name Designation
1. Mr.K.Raj Mohan Administrative
2. Mrs.S.Vijayalakshmi Junior Assistant
Technical Staff
S.No Name Designation
1. Mrs.S.Chitradevi Asst.Prof. of Commerce
2. Mrs.J.Chinna Asst.Prof. of M.C.A
S.No Name Designation
1. Mrs.D.Selvamathi Asst.Prof. of Mathematics
2. Mrs. A. Bhuvaneswari Assistant Professor of Commerce
S.No Name Designation
1. Mr.T.Thangaraj PTA President
S.No Name Designation
1. Mrs.Subhapriya Prabhakar Vice Chairman,
Sharp Forum, Madurai
S.No Name Designation
1. P. Celsia Priyadarshini President, III B.A English (Regular)
2. S. Locini Karthika President,III B.A. Tamil(Self-Finance)
Sennappulavar Karmega Konar Noolagam - Time 9.30am - 5.00pm
The Library and Learning Resource Centre should support academic progress. The library is dedicated to support the student’s activities and programs of the institution. It accomplishes college mission by maintaining up- to–date collection of books, journals audio-visual items and other library materials related to study. To the existing 34883 books 5000 volume of books from regular Account and 3366 books......
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