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Continuous Assessment (CA)

Internal assessment is based on the continuous evaluation of performance of the students in each semester. Internal marks for each subject will be awarded on the basis of :

Tests and Assignment for UG &
Tests, Assignment and Seminar for PG
Three internal tests will be conducted and the Average of three tests will be taken for final assessment.
Summative Examinations (SE)

Summative Semester Examinations (for both UG and PG) are to be conducted in November and April for the Odd and even semesters respectively.

Non Semester pattern will be followed for all the Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses.

Declaration of Results

Results will be published within 10 days after the completion of all Examinations. Results will be published in the college campus and also will be posted in the website.

Results will be declared only after obtaining approval from the Awards Committee Members of the Awards Committee

Members Present
. , :
Name From
Dr. (Mrs.) V. Pushpalatha Principali/c
Mrs. S. Sivakamasundari Vice – Principal
Dr.(Mrs.) G. Indira Rani Dean of Academic Affairs
Mrs. R. Dhivya Director of Self – Financing Courses & Youth Affairs
Dr. S. Murugesan,
Department of Inorganic Chemistry,
School of Chemistry,
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai –21.
University Nominee
Dr. A. VelanganniJoseph
Professor& Head, Chairperson i/c,
Department of Youth Welfare Studies,
School of Youth Empowerment,
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai –21.
University Nominee
Mrs.C. Kamala Controller of Examinations
Dr.(Mrs). V. Nambithai
Assistant Professor of Tamil
Mrs.D. Nancy Gnanaselvi
Assistant Professor of English

Revaluation and Supplementary Examinations

Students are allowed to apply for Revaluation within 10 days after the publication of results.
Students are permitted to appear for the Supplementary Examinations in the same semester for the failed Subjects.
Supplementary Examinations are to be conducted in January / June.


Students should have a minimum of 75% attendance (75 days) in a semester for appearing in the Examination.
Students who do not have the minimum attendance should go for condonation.

The following shall be the regulation grant of condonation in attendance for Semester Examination:

Shortage of Attendance Condonation Fee Authority to Consider Nature of Penalty
65% - 74% (65 - 74 days) Rs.150/- Head of the Department Decision by the H.O.D
50% - 64% (50 - 64 days) Rs.300/- Principal and The Examination Committee Application for exemption to be made on prescribed form with the specified remarks of the Principal
Less than 50% (Below 49 days) Has to repeat the whole semester    
Examination Rules and Regulations
Students without hall ticket and identity card will not be permitted to write the examination.
Possession of materials in any form of copying is prohibited inside the examination hall.
Students indulging in any form of malpractice during the examination are liable to severe punishment.
Students will not be permitted into the examination hall after 30 minutes from the time of commencement of examination.
Students should not write their Name or any other identification marking, except their register number in the answer scripts.
Penal actions for various Examination Malpractice
S.No Malpractice Penal action
1 In Possession of materials relevant to the concerned examination. Cancellation of that particular examination
2 Copied from materials in her possession Cancellation of all papers of that semester
3 Copied from neighbours Cancellation of all papers of that semester and cancellation of that particular paper of the candidate who helped for copying
4 Copied by exchanging answer script between neighbours Cancellation of all papers of that semester for both the students
5 Misbehaviour in the examination hall Cancellation of that particular paper
6 Copying and Misbehaviour in the examination hall Cancellation of all papers of that semester and will be debarred from the exams of the next semester
7 Insertion of answer sheets which were previously stolen and written Cancellation of the exams of that particular semester and will be debarred from the exams of the next semester
8 Impersonation in the examination Cancellation of all exams of that semester and will be recommended for dismissal from the college.
9 Indulging in any one of 1 to 8 listed above Will not be allowed to appear for the Supplementary Examinations of that particular semester.
Details Of Examination / Other Fee Collected
Summative Examinations UG (Rs) PG (Rs)
Exam Applications 25 25
Theory (per paper) 65 120
Part-I (Other Language) 480 -
Practical (3 hours) 85 150
Practical (6 hours) 100 250
Project & Viva Voce 100 250
Mark sheet (Individual) 100 100
Mark sheet (Consolidated) 100 100
Hall Ticket 25 25
On the Job Training (BBA V Semester only) 85 -
Fees for Provisional Certificate & Convocation 1200 1200
Name Correction in Mark Statement 250 250
Penalty for late payment of examination fee (upto 15 days) 100 100
Xerox copy for answer script 300 300
Revaluation (per paper) 400 400
Re totaling 75 75
M.Sc IT,/MCA – Fee Structure
Theory / per paper 250
Practical /per paper 300
Project / viva voce 300
Application, Mark Sheet and Hall Ticket 250
Supplementary Examinations - FEES STRUCTURE
Supplementary Examinations UG (Rs) PG (Rs) M.Sc.IT/MCA
Theory 200 200 300
Mark sheet 100 100 100
Fee for certificate , Diploma & Advanced Diploma Courses
  Certificate Course (Rs.) Diploma Course (Rs.) Ad.Diploma Course (Rs.)
1. Theory 125 125 125
2. Practical 175 175 175
3. Project / Viva voce 175 - 200
4. Mark sheet 30 30 30
5. Certificate 70 70 70
6. Application 50 50 50
Duplicate – Fee Structure
Duplicate UG & PG (Rs.)
Individual Mark Statement 100
Consolidated Mark Statement 1500
Name Correction 400
Hall Ticket 100

Results will be published in the college campus and also will be posted in the college Website

Choice Based Credit System

Our autonomous syllabi is based on the CBCS which is a cafeteria like system – catering to the need and taste of the students. This system facilitates for a transformation where the education system changes from a teacher – oriented to learner – oriented mode. In this student – friendly choice based credit system non – major, electives, skill based electives, core electives are offered to the students. A horizontal integration of learning experience across disciplines becomes possible. Credit system makes it easy to transfer their credits across institutions.

Sennappulavar Karmega Konar Noolagam - Time 9.30am - 5.00pm
The Library and Learning Resource Centre should support academic progress. The library is dedicated to support the student’s activities and programs of the institution. It accomplishes college mission by maintaining up- to–date collection of books, journals audio-visual items and other library materials related to study. To the existing 34883 books 5000 volume of books from regular Account and 3366 books......
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