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Profile of the Department
Year of Establishment 1981
Courses / Programmes Offered
UG : B.Com (Regular) – 1981 - 1982
B.Com(S.F) – 2000 - 2001
B.Com(Computer Application)(SF) – 2007-2008
PG : M.Com with Computer Application - 2011-2012
M.Phil : M.Phil Commerce - 2015-2016
UGC Sponsored
Certificate /Diploma
: 1. Certificate Course in Computerized Accounting.
2. Diploma Course in Computerized Accounting.
3. Advanced Diploma Course in Computerized Accounting.
Faculties of the Department
S.No Faculty ID Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
Department of Commerce
1 RCOM06 Dr.(Mrs.) V.Pushpalatha M.Com.,H.S.M.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Principali/c,
Head of the Department &
Assistant Professor
2 RCOM07 Dr.(Mrs.) K. Padmavathy M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDCA,DGT., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
3 RCOM08 Dr.(Mrs.) M. Neelavathy M.Com.(CA).,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,DGT Assistant Professor
4 RCOM09 Dr.(Mrs.) G.Karthika M.Com.(CA).,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
5 RCOM10 Dr.(Mrs.) M.Sriramajayam M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
1 SFCOM11 Mrs. A. Karthikadevi M.Com.,M.Phil.,DGT Assistant Professor
2 SFCOM18 Dr. (Mrs.)M. Alagupriya M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDCA.,DGT.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
3 SFCOM13 Mrs. S. Chitradevi M.C.A.,M.Phil., DGT Assistant Professor
4 SFCOM14 Dr. (Mrs.)A. Bhuvaneswari M.Com.,M.Phil.,DCA.,DGT.,Ph.D., Assistant Professor
5 SFCOM15 Mrs. S. Niveethitha M.Sc.(CS&IT).,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
6 SFCOM24 Mrs. R. Jeyanthi M.Com.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
7 SFCOM21 Mrs. S.K.Sudha M.Com.,M.Phil.,DGT Assistant Professor
8 SFCOM25 Mrs. T. Karthiyayini M.Com.,M.Phil.,DGT Assistant Professor
9 SFCOM29 Mrs.V.Priya MCA.,PGDCA.,DGT Assistant Professor
10 SFCOM36 Mrs.B.Kalyani M.Com.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
11 SFCOM43 Ms.A.Josephine MCA.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
17 SFCOM42 Mrs.A.Sathya Lekha M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDEC.,DGT.,NET., SET Assistant Professor
12 SFCOM48 Mrs.V.Jeyapriya M.Com.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,D.TEd., DGT Assistant Professor
19 SFCOM46 Mrs.S.Dhurga devi M.Com.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., PGDECOM.,DGT Assistant Professor
13 SFCOM50 Mrs.R.Amala Mary M.Com., M.Phil.,DGT Assistant Professor
14 SFCOM51 Mrs.P.L.Savithree M.Com., M.Phil.,DGT Assistant Professor
15 SFCOM52 Mrs.D.Reena M.F.C., B.Ed., M.Phil.,DGT Assistant Professor
16 SFCOM53 Mrs.A.Kavitha M.Sc.(IT).,M.Phil.,DGT Assistant Professor
17 SFCOM54 Mrs.B.Lalitha Subhanam M.Com., M.Ed., M.Phil. Assistant Professor
18 SFCOM55 Mrs.D.Padmasheela M.Com.,M.Phil.,DGT Assistant Professor
19 SFCOM57 Mrs.G.Jothi MCA Assistant Professor
20 SFCOM58 Ms.B.Vanitha M.Com., CA., M.Phil. Assistant Professor
21 SFCOM59 Mrs.M.Sharmiladevi MCA.,M.Phil. Assistant Professor
Sennappulavar Karmega Konar Noolagam - Time 9.30am - 5.00pm
The Library and Learning Resource Centre should support academic progress. The library is dedicated to support the student’s activities and programs of the institution. It accomplishes college mission by maintaining up- to–date collection of books, journals audio-visual items and other library materials related to study. To the existing 34883 books 5000 volume of books from regular Account and 3366 books......
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